VMP GT500 Pulley Removal and Installation Tool

VMP GT500 Pulley Removal and Installation Tool

Item #:vmp-gt500-pulley-removal-and-installation-tool
Price: $149.99
Add Plate for 03/04 Cobras

VMP Ultimate pulley puller and installer tool for Shelby GT500, comes in a hardsided foam-lined case.

Our tool utilizes fine thread bolts, bearings, and a supplied grease pack which makes using our tool a breeze. Less expensive tools that use course thread bolts and no bearing can make a pulley removal and installation 10 times harder, our tool avoids these headaches due to it's proper design.

Our puller is different from most on the market, it grabs the pulley by the ribs, and leaves no marks. Our tool includes a precision machined aluminum clamshell that clamps onto the pulley and grabs it by the ribs. This prevents damage and applies equal pulling force all the way around the pulley, for easy damage-free removal.

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