Auto Meter Competition Instruments @ Last Call Racing

AutometerPower, Precision, Passion Auto Meter, the most respected manufacturer of high quality, performance aftermarket instrumentation, tachometers, gauges, gauge pods, and test equipment.

Last Call Racing love these Auto Meter gauges for their price, precision, and great looks. We've used them on a bunch of our builds, and we can't tell you how much easier it is knowing precisely how your car is running, whether you're running around town, hammering away on the track, tuning it, or especially if you just came back from a tuner. There are so many things that just have to be at the right level, like your Air/Fuel ratio, Oil Pressure, and Inlet Air Temperature to name a few, but these are things that you really don't want to just guess on when an very expensive kaboom is a couple of pedal presses away.